Get creative, link messages together!

You can easily link messages together and create more advanced treasure hunts, quiz walks and tours.

- Create a fun outdoor activity for the family party.
- Create pedagogical school projects with/for students.
- A sports quiz on the family day for the kids soccer team.

Messages can contain images and youtube-videos. Add external links to question forms, your blog or webpages, files of type text, html, doc, xls, jpg, png, mp3, mp4 etc.

Here's how you do it:
1. Plan the texts for all messages (make sure they look good by testing in the tool below).
2. Open your Xnote app and write the first message (or copy&paste text from e.g. an email to yourself).
3. Choose "More..."->"Link messages..." in the app menu. Follow instructions until done.

This was fun! I want to send a treasure hunt:

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Test your content

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Ready made quiz questions

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- Normal URLs are turned into links.
- Use format [ News] to create a link named News that goes to
- Email addresses opens native email app when clicked.
- Image URLs of type .jpg and .png are shown inline (recommended: jpg files with width of around 600px and quality Medium-50% ≈ 50KB = fast but sharp).
- Video URLs are shown inline (use format or and replace the ID).

Quiz question syntax:
What color do you get if you mix yellow and blue?
1* Green
2 Purple
3 Red

Mark correct answer with '*', include '===-' and '-===' tokens.
An end page after the last message will automatically show the correct answers. If the results should instead be send in, for instance in response to a short homework test, then add the following in the last message and replace the email address with your own:

Tips and tricks

- Simple is good! Start by linking only a few messages together and hide them close to each other, you can always make it more difficult later.
- Some battery will inevitable be consumed since both GPS, screen and data traffic is used. Try to keep the tour under 30 minutes.
- Hide in open spaces, preferably 10 m free in all directions since the GPS accuracy is not always perfect.
- Hide in places with contrasts on the map close by (roads, trails etc.), it makes it easier to understand the map view.
- Consider that large content such as video, audio and highres pictures might be a problem if the recipient's data rate is not fast enough.

Add content such as files and images

An easy way to publish your own content on the web is to use Dropbox (or Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or similar) and put files in your "Public" folder. Access your files via the web-interface at, right click on the file and choose "Copy public link" to get a URL that can be used in your Xnote message. Works with all file types that can be opened in mobile browsers. Example: (test to copy this URL to the editor above). To create a Public folder in your dropbox account, go to and scroll down to "Creating a Public folder" section.


A lot of different web-based forms exists and those that can be reached via a simple URL can be used in Xnote messages. Tip: check out Google Forms (explanatory video) that is created via Google Drive. It is free and automatically adjusts to mobile devices. Here is an example with questions about ballroom dancing.

Ready Made Quiz Questions

Feel free to use these in your quiz walk. Click "Test" to see what they look like, modify as you please.

Family Kids Adults Nature Video
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{"questions": [ { "question": { "class": "c_family c_adults c_video", "text":  "
Jive, that the 2 year old is dancing, is one of the dances included in the style category Ten Dance.
Which dance is not one of the dances in Ten Dance?
1 Quickstep
2 Paso doble
3* Disco
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_kids c_nature", "text": "
The Clownfish was made famous through the movie Finding Nemo where we followed the adventures of father Marlin and the good-hearted regal blue tang Dory.
Clownfish often swim close to anemones, but why?
1 They feed on small fish hiding there
2 They play with eachother
3* They hide from predators
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_adults", "text": "
The TV serie Desperate Housewifes is set on the seemingly idyllic and peaceful street Whisteria Lane in the fictional town Fairview.
Who in the serie is red-haired and wants order in everything?
1* Bree
2 Edie
3 Susan
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_adults", "text": "
James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. 23 movies have been produced so far.
In Casino Royal, James Bond is played by...?
1 Timothy Dalton
2 Pierce Brosnan
3* Daniel Craig
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_adults", "text": "
In British pubs you drink traditional real ale beer that is hand-pumped directly from cask and you are served a pint.
What does it mean in volume when you get a pint of beer?
1 Half a litre, 50 cl
2 One quarter imperial gallon, 65 cl
3* 1/8 imperial gallon, 56 cl
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_adults c_nature", "text": "
Greyhounds are considered to be the worlds fastest dog breed and is often used in dog racing.
Which is the top speed a Greyhound can reach?
1 55km/h
2* 70km/h
3 85km/h
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_adults c_video", "text": "
Zlatan's dream goal 4-2 agains England is one example, dad's shot in this video another.
What is it called when you shoot directly before the ball hits the ground?
1 Instep-kick
2* Volley
3 Half volley
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family", "text": "
The explanation to how we can can experience colors lies in the white light, which contains a spectrum of all visible colors.
What color do you get if you mix yellow and blue?
1* Green
2 Purple
3 Red
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_kids c_nature", "text": "
If you get lost in the forrest it is good to know that moss often grows on the north side of rocks and trees.
On what side of the tree does ants often build their ant hills?
1* South side
2 North side
3 East side
"}}, { "question": { "class": "c_family c_adults", "text": "
Tricolor vertical and horizontal flags have caused headache for many school children over the years.
What country's flag is this?
1 Italy
2 Bolivia
3* Hungary
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