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Xnote iPhone App - Private

Title:Treasure Hunt Creator - Xnote
By:Fivefour, owned by Fredrik Alstorp
Contact:Email:, Phone: +46 703 889419, Skype: fredrik.alstorp
iTunes link:

Press Release

Hide love messages outdoors with iPhone app

Xnote is a new and fun way to send messages, a social, virtual take on geocaching.

Do you remember the anticipation and excitement of childhood treasure hunts? The joy of finding a surprise at the end of your search? Give your friend that feeling with Xnote, a new iPhone app that will send your friend on a treasure hunt for a special message from you (photo & text).

How it works: Using your smartphone, create a message-- “Love You!” --with a photo for your sweetheart. Hide the message by choosing a spot on the map--outside their home, near your favorite restaurant, etc.--and send a notice with SMS, Facebook, etc. They will receive an alert that a secret message is waiting and get curious. To view it, he or she must go to the spot you have chosen, where the message will be revealed. Your friend is guided by a map in their smartphone browser and does NOT need the app!

“It’s fun to get hidden messages simply because you can not read them directly like an ordinary text message. You have to make an effort to find them. It piques everyone’s natural curiosity...there is just something about the uncertainty, the mystery that tickles the mind. As a result, we just can’t resist going to find out what is hidden, especially if it has anything to do with love,” says the creator Fredrik Alstorp.

Xnote has plenty of other uses besides flirting or declaring your undying love:
* Make a friend’s day by hiding a fun photo outside of their workplace or school
* Say “Congratulations” or “Thanks” in an original way
* Stay close to someone who lives overseas with a photo hidden in their backyard, just as if you were actually there...
* Spice up a party, workshop, or promotional event. Market your company in a new way.
* Give children an entertaining way to learn important map-reading skills
* Engage a crowd and be social using Facebook, Twitter or links on blogs and websites

Anyone wishing to be more advanced can easy link messages together and thus create treasure hunts, quiz walks or tours. Great for school projects or as activity at a site or event.

Read more about the app at

Additional information
Name in App Store: 'Treasure Hunt Creator - Xnote'
Created for iPhone (and thus also works on iPad) and is globally available in the Utilities category.
iTunes link:

High resolution images and more text material are available at
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For more information, please contact
Fredrik Alstorp, Fivefour
Mobile: +46 703 889419 (Sweden)
Skype: fredrik.alstorp

About Fivefour
Fivefour is a small, independent software company focused on mobile solutions. We believe that the key to successful products and solutions lies in creating complete user experiences with focus on engagement, simplicity and the feeling of a smooth ride.
The company is located in southern Sweden in the vibrant region of Malmö just across the water from Copenhagen. Headed by founder and CEO Fredrik Alstorp.